Stablecoin technology stack & services for the web3 industry

We facilitate swap & reserve strategies for stablecoin issuers & Web3 banks

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FinResPBC is a public benefit corporation that provides critical financial infrastructure for two critical pillars of finance: stablecoin issuers & traditional banks. We provide stablecoin issuers with swap services & reserve custody strategies. We also provide critical software to traditional banking institutions for seamlessly integrating stablecoin transactions for both settlement and custody.

We build software that facilitates swaps between FRAX and leading stablecoins to power the DeFi industry.

Swap stablecoins on the balance sheet for other leading stablecoins such as USDC, USDT, BUSD, & more.

Supported Stablecoins
Disclaimer: FinresPBC is an independent, unaffiliated business. FinresPBC does not claim any partnerships, direct relationships, nor promotional claims by issuers of any stablecoin.

Stablecoin Market Capitalization

Name Capitalisation Price Circulating
Tether $83.29 B $1.00 83,355,853,919 USDT
USD Coin $27.65 B $1.00 27,678,845,796 USDC
Dai $4.31 B $1.00 4,316,736,279 DAI
Binance USD $4.09 B $1.00 4,099,534,161 BUSD
TrueUSD $3.00 B $1.00 3,005,557,907 TUSD
Frax $1.05 B $1.00 1,004,141,409 FRAX